City of Strasburg


Care Center

Strasburg Care Center is licensed for 76 skilled beds.

Services provided include:  24 hour nursing care, dietary management, social services, activities, housekeeping, and laundry services.  St. A's provides telemedicine for residents and area people,

Strasburg Care Center employs about 100 employees, including people from Strasburg, Hague, Zeelan, Linton, Hazelton, Pollock, SD and Herreid, SD areas.  They also employ college students and high school students from the areas to work in the summertime,on their vacations and some week-ends. 

Linton Hopital, 10 miles to the north, has up-to-date medical services, with medical transport to any major medical facility.

Strasburg Care Center has volunteered to be an emergency shelter for when we have electrical outages.


Strasburg Care Center
Strasburg Care Center